Rise of the Shadow Lords

XP Bonus For Character Design(Optional)

Although optional, you can all receive bonus XP for the level of detail put into your character. Here is a template of how I will be awarding the XP. Note that these character elements do not need to be revealed to the other players. In fact in some cases secrecy is encouraged.

  • Personality (+163XP): Your characters general personality and quirks
  • Physical Description (+163XP): Description of your characters appearance focusing primarily on their descriptive feature and, if relevant, why they are there(i.e. scar, etc.)
  • Location (+163XP): Where they are from, their current location(right before campaign begins) and specific current residence(i.e. Inn, etc.)
  • Background Story (Mandatory) (+163XP)
  • Picture (+163XP): You can either draw one or find a suitable picture that represents your character
  • Past Activities (+163XP): Brief descriptions of what they have been doing up until the beginning of the campaign(i.e. have they been working, adventuring, etc.). If they have spent there time doing several different things, please indicate which one they have spent the most time doing.
  • Personal Affiliations (+163XP): Brief descriptions of significant people in your characters life (i.e. family member, friend, master, co-worker, etc.)
  • Aspirations (+163XP): What are your character’s goals and desires. (do they want to join a guild, master a craft, get rich or become famous.)
    **Secretive Subplot (Ranging on complexity and possible repercussions for PC or their party: +159XP – 300XP): This is a secret about your character that you should only disclose to me. It can range in complexity from something as simple as a hidden strange habit to as complex as a character subplot. (Example: Marvin has a bounty on his head for being framed for the murder of his wife. This may come to effect either Marvin or his party later down the road. If he is well known, he may have to take extra steps to keep from being recognized.) If this is something you choose to do, please add necessary details and indicate clearly what parts of your character you do not want disclosed.

All the points marked with * will add up to enough to get you to lvl2. The ** is just extra and the value awarded will be on my discretion based on the complexity. NOTE: Regardless of if you choose to do the above or not, the backstory is mandatory and I also need a description of your characters current whereabouts, who is around or with them and what they are doing right before the campaign begins. Please try and get this all to me as soon as possible. The deadline however is Friday 5/9 @ 12pm PST though since I need time to use it to write up the campaign.



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